Suleyman Pasha

Suleyman Pasha

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  • Süleyman Pasha — Süleyman Pacha (ou Soliman Pacha, ou Slimane Veneziano), est gouverneur d Alger en 1603 et 1604. Il succède à Dali Hassan Pasha et laisse la place à Khizr Pasha. C est un renégat vénitien. Il tenta deux expéditions contre les Kabyles et fut… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Suleyman Pasha (son of Orhan) — For other uses, see Suleiman Pasha (disambiguation)Suleyman Pasha (c. 1316 1357) was the eldest son of Orhan I, the second bey of the newly established Ottoman Empire.Assault on ByzantiumSuleyman Pasha struck a bold blow to the weakened Byzantine …   Wikipedia

  • Süleyman Şefik Pasha — was the commander of Kuvâ i İnzibâtiyye (Ottoman Turkish: قوا انضباطيّه, literally Forces of Order ; Turkish: Hilafet Ordusu , or Caliphate Army ), which was an army established on 18 April 1920 by the imperial government of the Ottoman Empire in …   Wikipedia

  • Lutfi Pasha — (Turkish: Lûtfi Paşa, born Abd al Mu in, ca. 893 AH/1488 ) was an Ottoman statesman and Grand Vizier.[1] Life As a devshirme youth, he entered Bayazid II s harem i hass, where he received a thorough education in the Islamic sciences. He held the… …   Wikipedia

  • Cigalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha — Cigalazade Pasha, Italian Muslim, Ottoman Grand Vizier, Admiral and General Cigalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha (c. 1545–1605), meaning son of Cigala, was an Ottoman statesman of Italian background, who held the office of Grand Vizier for forty days… …   Wikipedia

  • Damad Ibrahim Pasha — For other uses, see Ibrahim Pasha (disambiguation). Damad Ibrahim Pasha was an Ottoman statesman who held the office of Grand Vizier three times (the first time from 4 April to 27 October 1596; the second time from 5 December 1596 to 3 November… …   Wikipedia

  • Gazi Hüseyin Pasha — Ghazi Husain Pasha or Deli Husain Pasha (Turkish: Gazi Hüseyin Paşa, Gazi Deli Hüseyin Paşa, and Baltaoğlu Hüseyin Paşa) was an Ottoman military officer and stateman. He was Kapudan Pasha in the 1630s and briefly Grand Vizier in the late 1650s.… …   Wikipedia

  • Sokollu Mehmed Pasha — Mehmed paša Sokolović Born 1506 Sokolovići, Bosnia Province, Ottoman Empire (modern Bosnia and Herzegovina) …   Wikipedia

  • Suleiman Pasha (disambiguation) — Suleiman Pasha (Turkish: Süleyman Paşa, also transliterated as Sulayman Pasha , Süleyman Pasha , Suleyman Pasha , Sulejman Pasha ) may refer to one of the following persons.*Suleyman Pasha (son of Orhan) (14th century), son of Orhan I. *Hadım… …   Wikipedia

  • Kara Mustafa Pasha — See also: Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha Kara Mustafa Pasha …   Wikipedia

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